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Can Meditation Heal Emotional Trauma?

Meditation, mindfulness, and contemplation are all techniques or habits that have been used for handling mild and severe emotional trauma for a very long time. Mindfulness is required just to acknowledge the feelings (which can cause a shift by itself), and meditation and contemplation are ideal ways to begin to accept the emotional trauma.

Introduction to Meditation For the Complete Beginner

People have been meditating since before the written word. Early shaman would go into a trance and emerge with answers granted from the gods. I won’t say that their message was truly from any gods, but their state of mind was certainly conducive to deep thought.

Importance of Meditation Chair

If you find it difficult and painful to sit in meditation for long. If you are a victim of muscle cramps and numbness in body while meditating. Solution is here. Welcome to the world of meditation chairs.

Meditations For Manifesting Can Transform Your Life

Meditation is one of the most transformative things you can do-and you can do it anywhere, any time, for free! If you are looking to manifest your life or make some changes, using meditation to transform your life will be highly beneficial.

Creating a Calming Space With Nag Champa Incense

One of the most well-liked incense nowadays is the Nag Champa that is an original from India. It was mainly used as perfume oil for the hair and body. It is a blend of sweet flowery and spicy scents which gave it its distinctive rich smell that a lot of patrons are keen on.

Therapist Directory – A Good Way to Choose a Marriage Counselor

If you are going through a bad marriage and are facing problems in understanding your partner then you can consult a marriage counselor. Opting for therapy is a good way to enjoy a happy married life. In order to find a good counselor you can contact therapist directories online which can help you know about all the counselors who practice in your city and your area. Other information about the counselors is also available on these websites which helps you make your choice.

Find a Therapist With the Help of a Therapist Directory

If you need to undergo any therapy then you can consult with a good therapist who can help you deal with your problem easily. It is now very convenient to find a good therapist as all the information about them is now available online. There are online therapists directories which can help you find good therapists in your area within few minutes. You can search for therapists on the basis of your personal preference as well. More information about the therapists is also available with these sites and you can use then to choose your therapist.

All About Theta Meditation

For those of you who are not aware of what theta meditation is, it is important to know first what theta is. Theta is the second slowest frequency of brain waves and typically has a cycle rate of 4 to 7 times per second or 4 Hz – 7 Hz.

Vipassana in India – A Beginner’s Guide

Would you like to try Vipassana meditation? India is one of the best places for it…

Mp3 Meditation – A Standing Meditation Experience

I have been using isochronic meditation downloads to assist my meditation technique for quite a while now and, on a whim, decided to see if I could combine my wing chun sil lim tao (small thought/little idea) form with one of these downloads designed to stimulate my chakras. The results were spectacular and unexpected.

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