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Handheld Labyrinth for Your Spiritual Awakening

The Handheld Labyrinth is an innovative meditation tool. It has a number of uses ranging from stress management to helping children with ADHD. The handheld labyrinth is also used to teach individuals how to meditate and to learn relaxation and healing techniques.

Meditating on the Hindrance of Your Desire Leads You to Positive Change

Peace being the goal of meditation, surrounding your intentions with peaceful thoughts reconciles you with your inner strength. Being spiteful towards those who have disappointed you would be considered a deterrent to achieving your goals toward serenity. Charming, alluring, spiteful dark intent chokes away at your heart and ruins past blissful memories as well as future satisfaction.

Meditation – Is This The Key To Anxiety Control?

Meditation is under-utilised by the medical profession. This is especially true for cases of anxiety, stress and depression. But meditation not only improves mental health and stability, it also has amazing physical benefits too. Nowadays you can enjoy the benefits without even learning how to do it. It’s almost meditation on prescription…

5 Meditation Tips Proven to Deepen Your Meditation

Want to deepen your meditation? Practice these 5 very simple meditation tips to experience incredible meditations that lead you into deep states of bliss and self realization.

The First Step to Meditation

Left foot lift, left foot move forward, left foot down…

Key Facts About Meditation And Hypnosis

According to scientists the human mind is a miracle in itself. The thinking processes going on in the mind do not follow any boundaries. And that is why, the struggle of mankind to keep their mind peaceful and calm is also very old. Hypnosis and meditation are some of those practices that have been followed by all races and cultures in one form or another in order to achieve some mental peace and harmony.

Brainwave Entrainment and The Meditator

As you become busier and more time-poor you have probably discovered, like so many people, that finding the time to meditate is a real challenge. Without this chance to unplug from the world and reflect on your own life you will find it harder and harder to manage all of the demands on your time.

Meditation for Reiki

Meditation is more than just concentration. Meditation involves release of the self and opening to the energy of the universe. Meditation concerns mindfulness and presence. This article shares several insights into the importance of sound meditation practice for both new and experienced Reiki healers.

Be Good to Yourself, Meditate

Busy, Busy, Busy… But, please make a little time to be good to yourself, even if it’s just 15 -20 minutes a day. Don’t allow your busy schedule to dictate ill-health for you.

Why Yoga Works, Kung Fu, And Your Right, Big Toe

Why yoga works is one of the great questions. Even the higher yogis will circumvent and babble a bit. Here is the real answer. A great Kung Fu exercise comes along with it.

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