Breathe to know – Shunyapragya

Breathing is the counter of your life and the state of your being.

Oh dear,

you have the keys to the cosmic treasure, available within you without measure.

It doesn’t matter, rich or poor, weak or strong, an expert or an idiot, short or long.

Impossible to lose this key as it belongs to you.

In every mood and fashion, it makes you continue, from the moment of your birth, until your death, the only faithful companion is your charming breath.

Breathing is a recurring statement of your existence.

A boundary between life and death, but it is a delicate fence. For the senseless, it is a meaningless activity.

But for the conscious, it is a door endowed with the immense.

Breathing is like a moving wave, on a string of energy,

to have a network in all the modalities and organs of yours to be. It influences the unobtrusive interior with an obvious side of the string, and the opposite is also true if you can hear the rhythm and the ping.

Through the chimney of the day of the nose,

the to be smoke, boiling inside,

it changes the wavelength and frequency of breathing and its flight.

But when you look closely, it opens up possibilities for accessing information.

The conscious captures this intuitive knowledge,

to connect inside and use breathing as a bridge. This connection allows you, as a control union,

which makes it a valuable utility for the transforming function.

Breathing has three simple sections:

inhalation, exhalation and retention

which demonstrates the small prototype of a larger life, similar to your birth, death, and resurrection.

Know the beats of the breath, and its ascent and depth.

Cultivate your consciousness as a bridge to the afterlife, and probe the secrets of another side, to correspond.

Follow your breath as a guide,

Presence its shape and then the hidden force inside, know how it reacts to your inner world, one by one.

You will trust this process more than anything else that has ever been done.

It’s the success story of the most basic thing in life, commonly available. On the fantastic glory of the material things of life, extraordinarily earned. He who knows his half and game,

he knows the DNA of his chalk and clay.

Oh dear,

your simple breathing that moves from side to side, don’t waste it, thinking of it as a meaningless flow.

It’s a magic bomb from your inner stove to shine. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people.

Be easy but esoteric,

and enjoy its ride and flow. Just remember to be aware

with focus, and breathes to know, and breathes to know.

Dear Shunya

Read the full poem in the book- Oh Beloved- Be, Become and Beyond


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