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Patiently Accept Meditative Resistance and Allow It to Free You From Unwanted Thoughts

At times you have resistance while doing your meditative practice. You are listening to the words and trying to keep up but something mysteriously holds you back or following becomes difficult. Your mind wanders or you realize you missed it. The Mind does enter ebbs and flows of resistance. Continue, relax, and accept that this is your next step and change will occur.

Importance of Slowing Down

It’s an irony that in spite of our a modern period like now – when high technologies are continuously evolving to save us time and work, our lives are still in the fast-paced and we are more stressed and hectic than before. Our life moves at a fast-pace that it seems to pass us by before we can actually enjoy it. In spite of this, we don’t need to live this way. We should combat against a hectic lifestyle and start to slow down to enjoy life.

Meditation: A Tool For Happiness or An Exercise in Frustration?

When I first started meditating several years ago, it was anything but fulfilling! I would make time in my calendar, sit down and “try” to meditate. I would get uncomfortable trying to hold the same still position, my mind would be full of thoughts and chatter, and I would feel frustrated and unfulfilled when it was over.

Top 5 Benefits of Meditation

Meditation is an ancient practice that is done by individuals who seek enlightenment, inner peace, and freedom from stress. There are different ways on how to meditate but they all lead to the same thing – a better you.

Advanced Meditation – The Practise Of Non-Duality

In the practise of advanced meditiation the goal is to merge the idea of duality into that of non-duality. In yoga this is known as Davita (duality) – Advaita (non-duality) and covers the vast spectrum of universality. This meditation takes the practitioner from the me and mine concept to the vibration of oneness in all.

How Much Better Could You Be Without Stress?

It’s no wonder stress has become a way of life for today’s women. Yet a survey found out that those who suffer from chronic stress often worsen matters by actually seeking out things to feel stressed-out beyond what they already have on their plates. It appears many young women have actually become hooked on stress. Respondents said they sometimes invent or find things to be stressed about.

How and Why to Practice Quiet Meditation

What is meditation and why is it so popular nowadays? Because regular practice has the ability to transform our reactions into intentional responses; our anger into understanding; and our stress into melted butter. I’ll tell you why learning how to meditate is so beneficial to every human being on Earth…

What Is Karma? Part 1

What’s Karma got to do with me? If you look at some of the recent developments in the world at the moment you might feel yourself getting saddened and feeling a little bit bleak.

How To Calmly Meditate

Meditation is the ability to tame the mind from aimlessly wandering around. It aims to strengthen the individual’s mind to focus their whole attention to only one thing. Meditation requires the individual to commit to a daily routine in order to be most effective.

Relaxing Meditation Techniques Minus The Complexity

Meditation – you would probably quickly turn it down if it is offered to you. After all, meditation seems to be a very difficult thing to perform. It is like doing nothing, but doing a lot.

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