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What Are The Real Benefits Of Meditation?

If you ask different meditators, ‘what are the benefits of meditation?’ you will receive a wide variety of answers. You see, what one person might see as a benefit of meditation, another might see as an inconvenience that they are prepared to put up with, in order to enjoy a different benefit of meditation.

How To Write A Guided Meditation Script

There are all sorts of guided meditation, guided imagery, and hypnosis programs available, and they aim to do many different things. Some are designed simply to help you relax, while others try to help you change bad habits, lose weight, attain other goals, or become smarter in some way. But there are certain elements common to all guided meditation scripts that make the difference between mediocre programs and great ones.

How Does Meditation Work?

When I am asked, “How does meditation work? I often have to ask a few questions myself before I can give a satisfactory answer. For instance, does the person mean how does meditation work for stress relief? Or how does meditation work at reducing blood pressure?, Or how does meditation work for someone seeking to discover their deepest nature?

Music For Guided Meditation

A guided meditation (or guided imagery recording, if you prefer) is basically a simple production, composed of a narration track and background music (or in some cases, nature sounds). Because that’s all there is, each part is quite important and needs to be good, to make an effective product. In this article I’ll be talking about background music.

Choosing A Guided Meditation

Just about anyone can make a guided meditation recording. That’s great, unless you’re looking for a good one to use, and then there’s a lot of stuff to sift through. Here are some things to look (listen) for when choosing a guided meditation that will ring your bells (softly, of course).

Spiritual Existence

There is some sort of feeling in all human beings which is very different, unclear and rare. This may be related to spirituality or some sort of it.

Radiate Love To The World

Many people ask what they’re supposed to do when they meditate: silence the mind, be aware of the thoughts, visualize an outcome, or focus on an object? The truth is, there is no right or wrong.

So You Think You Can’t Meditate

A lot of people are turned off from meditation because they think it’s hard to focus and quiet their minds. It can be…

Getting Ready For Your First Guided Meditation

Your meditation time is a rare opportunity to connect within on a very deep level, let go of stress and accumulated tension, and find peace. If you’re going to take the time to do a guided meditation, it pays to make the most of it by getting set up beforehand.

Learn How to Meditate for Beginners And Those That Have Been Meditating For Years

If you want to learn how to meditate, there are a few questions you would be better asking yourself first. In the same way that, if you wanted to learn how to exercise, there are many types of exercises that would be suitable, depending on your age, fitness, time available and just what are the benefits you would be looking for.

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