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The Connection Between Great Teachers and Meditation

All humans are students, and we are all teachers, to some extent. We teach as parents; in our work; in our hobbies; in our social interactions.

What Does My Favorite Color Say About Me?

What’s your favourite colour? That’s a question we’ve all been asked since we were very small.

Writing A Guided Meditation

Here are some general suggestions and guidelines for writing a script for a guided meditation, or guided imagery program. No matter what the subject of your meditation is, following these points will help you connect with your listener, and give them a positive experience.

Third Eye Chakra Meditation

If you are interested in the third eye chakra and you would like to open and activate it, then you may want to try this simple guided third eye meditation. The Third eye chakra, also known as Ajna chakra, is the sixth chakra and is located in the middle of the forehead just above the eyebrows.

How to Use the 7 Human Chakras?

Every single day more and more people get to know about the chakras. Though the science of chakras was previously associated with Indian traditional medicine, it is now noted that almost all races and people from different backgrounds are using them to improve their lives. Chakras can simply be defined as energy points in the body of human beings.

How Can You Benefit From Relaxation Meditation And Chakra Meditation

There have never been more ways for people to relax and enjoy their free time. The options go from relaxation meditation and chakra meditation to yoga classes.

Using Abundance Meditation to Acquire Happiness and Health in Life

Poverty and regular financial crisis have left millions of people wondering whether the universe is in a position to efficiently support its inhabitants. Abundance meditation popularizes the notion of creating a life of plenty for individuals. Some human beings have been able to improve their lives by using meditation but others have failed.

Tips for Creativity Meditation

How would you like to start every morning on the beach? Or sitting in front of a blazing fire? Or standing at the top of a mountain on a brisk winter day? With a creativity meditation, you can. Focusing on a calming scene for just five minutes every day will help you to clear your mind and prepare for the day ahead. Meditation is also a great tool to use for those days that are stress-filled. Sneak away for a few minutes to ease your nerves and rest your mind.

How To Mend A Broken Heart

Healing a broken heart takes more than time, more than keeping busy, and much more than putting on a happy face and getting on with your life. Well-meaning friends and family sometimes make the situation worse by urging you to do things that are supposed to help, even if the timing is all wrong for you, or you just can’t stomach the thought of dating again when all you want to do is curl up in a ball and melt into a puddle of tears.

What If You Could Find a Meditation Retreat That Would Change Your Life?

There are several different types of meditation retreats. There is the usual sort of meditation retreat, which is a quiet place, like a monastery or secluded quiet place, where a person can ‘retreat’ to for a bit of peace, quietness and reflection. This type of meditation retreat is usually associated with or affiliated to some kind of belief system. I am going to talk about a different way to look at meditation retreats.

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