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Advanced Yoga DVD Time?

When the time comes to invest in an advanced yoga DVD, get two. Choose one advanced yoga DVD that elevates your practice. Then, choose a second advanced yoga DVD that perfects your practice in your yoga style of choice or offers excellent instruction in the spiritual aspects of yoga training.

Yoga For Fitness – How to Be Fit and Flexible For Life

For many centuries, it has been widely known that practicing yoga can help you not only maintain a better disposition but also be healthier. Many people find this activity very relaxing however to do so on a regular basis you must also be dressed properly.

Yoga DVD For Beginners

A thoughtful, insightful, honest, and well-written beginners yoga DVD review will help you make up your mind about your practice of yoga before it guides your choice of the best yoga DVD for beginners for you. Are you absolutely sure you want a yoga DVD for beginners? Are you absolutely sure you want to begin the practice of yoga?

Patanjali Yoga Sutra – Strategy to Explain the Basic Teachings of Yoga

Yoga is the experience of control and calm persistence of thought in the mind with consciousness raised. Consciousness is a reflection of the true soul in your mind. Consciousness is life in the universe of pure subtle where it meets your selfishness in your physical life.

Deep Stretching in Stillness – Yin Yoga

There are many different forms and stylisations of yoga available for study in the eternal pursuit of physical and mental health and fitness – Hatha, Ashtanga, Sivananda to name but a few. However, probably one of the most unusual is Yin Yoga, a beautiful form of yogic practice that combines traditional Hatha postures, Taoist philosophy and meridian theory.

What is Yoga and What Are the Benefits of Yoga?

The word Yoga can be defined as discipline. Yoga was developed by Patanjali, an Indian Hindu in the year three hundred. Yoga’s purpose includes making your body stronger, stretching your body’s muscles, and to help increase concentration.

Using Yoga to Relieve Anxiety and Depression

What anxious times we live in! Crazy schedules, crazy media toys, and everything needs to be scheduled! Playdates for us, playdates for our kids, and playdates with our partners.

5 Tips On How To Be A Good Yoga Student

You’re probably wondering what this means, but most new students and even ones I’ve had for years, come in for a peaceful experience and end up pushing and straining into most of the asanas. We have been brought up in a very competitive culture and this attitude carries over into everything we do.

Yoga Classes – What is Hatha Yoga and What Will I Learn in Hatha Yoga Classes?

While there are several forms of yoga, the most popular form in the Western culture is called Hatha yoga. This form of yoga involves 3 basics of yoga: postures (asanas), breathing, and meditation. Practicing yoga is a great way to relieve stress and stay in shape.

Yoga Teachers & Styles – Choosing the Right Yoga Teacher & Style For Your Health

Yoga is one of the best ways to keep in shape and lose weight. When choosing a yoga teacher, it’s important to determine what yoga style you are most comfortable with. Choosing a teacher & style that is not compatible with you can cause injury and will make it hard for you to stay dedicated to your class.

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