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Vipassana Courses That Help To Clear Your Mind

Vipassana meditation is a great way to achieve a happier, quieter life. Originally Vipassana meant “to see things as they really are” which refers to the action when one purifies his mind in the sense of clearing it from stressful thoughts.

Free Meditation MP3’s – Helping People Learn Meditation With So Much Ease

Today’s life has much more activities to perform so almost every human being is busy in his/her busy working schedule. In this extremely hectic schedule it is very important for you to give sometime to your body and soul to be relaxed. And, to attain this, the need of meditation is so vital.

Meditation Techniques – Elixir of Peaceful Life in the Mechanized World

The implication of meditation in modern day life is immeasurable. There are meditation techniques for upgrading one’s performance, knowledge and various skills. Read this article on hemi sync that is an elixir of peace and placidity for mechanized human beings.

The Different Methods Of Meditation

With so many different types of meditation available, it is important that you pick the one that is right for you. The right technique can make drastic changes in your life for the better.

The Simple Powers Of Meditation

The modern world is not run to be calm, soothing and spiritual. We are bombarded with loud noise and negative messages on a daily basis. Our brains are kept busy taking in adverts, negative news, car horns, planes flying overhead. If you live in a modern city this is all background noise to you. The thing is, even if we get used to it it still isn’t good for us. We need a visual and mental escape every now and then.

Yoga and Meditation Music Can Relax Your Body, Mind and Soul

Yoga is one of the amazing physical exercise movements that teach the discipline of body, mind and soul all together. It is originated from India, a country of traditions and mythologies. Presently, it is one of the amazing methods for curing mental and physical ailments. Performing Yogasana or yogic postures is like inducing vigor or energy to your soul. Yoga and Meditation Music can relax your body, mind and soul in a paramount way.

Reiki Music Explained: What Is the Best Music to Accompany Reiki Sessions?

Just like some people perform Yoga to get relaxed and contented, Reiki is also a kind of session that is performed to attain balance of your mind and body. Reiki is a kind of energy therapy, and it is introduced by the Japanese Buddhist years before. These days the Reiki sessions are quite popular and in demand because of their amazing palm healing solutions. This article will introduce you to the best Reiki music to accompany your sessions.

How Isochronic Tones and Brainwave Entrainment Can Improve Your Life Today

Isochronic tones are recorded tones that have a great level of positivity and spirituality in them. With time and need, these tones are getting famous across different corners of the world. It is a kind of brainwave entrainment method that helps you in getting relief from the harmful vicious circle of depression, pessimism and insomnia.

Know How Does Chakra Meditation Music Work?

Human beings tend to have some of their influence from the seven chakras. Basically, chakra is a Hindi word that means an energy center. Talking about the word ‘energy,’ we all know that lots of energy is wasted upon different tasks from day to night in your everyday life. Thus, your chakra becomes dull and sounds low keeping you as a moody, depressed and tensed all the time. This is where chakra meditation music works!

Guided Meditations for Opening the Third Eye

Ajna chakra and head chakra are considered as the third eye while performing third eye meditation techniques. Third eye mediation method is one of the guided meditations that help in experiencing peace and relaxation in life. All in all, different guided mediations are accredited to experience the self-realization (self-actualization) stages in life for knowing wisdom, ESP and intuition towards life. Guided meditation third eye opening improves your intuition power, enhances the psychic power, assures good health and well being and even builds focus towards life in a positive way.

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