Are you meditating badly? (5 ways to say it)

Are you meditating badly? It’s a question we ask ourselves over and over again.

When you start meditating, it is very easy to feel that you are doing it wrong.

You sit and meditate. Your legs are crossed. Your back is straight. You are following your breath. And damn, a thought. And another. And another. You are soon drowning in your thoughts and consider today’s meditation session a waste.

Is there something you miss? This cannot be the holy grail of which everyone speaks.

Are you meditating badly?  (5 ways to say it)

Feeling this way is too common.

Here are some of the most common meditation errors that most novice meditators cause.

1. You are wrapped in the “Children”

Many times our beliefs about what meditation is can end up ruining your meditation practices. For example, you might think that meditation means that you should instantly fall into a deep place of happiness, silence, and inner consciousness.

Anything else should mean you’re doing it wrong.

However, this is simply not the case.

One way to avoid this is to see meditation as a “practice.” Over time, you’ll get better. But the only thing you need to worry about at first is to introduce yourself.

If you have not meditated before, then your mind will be incredibly cloudy.

As you meditate, you may think things are getting worse, but if you show up and follow your breath for 20 minutes or so, and turn your attention to your breathing when you lose it, then you are moving forward.

Over time, the dust will settle. You will do better.

Note: If you want help getting started or learning the details of meditation, check out our list of the best meditation apps.

2. You are connected to the end result

Are you meditating only for the benefits? All you want is to be less stressed, or maybe your ultimate goal is lighting?

Whatever the main reasons for starting to meditate, it can be easy to stick to the end result. Then, when you don’t experience these benefits, or feel like you’re moving backwards, then you get lost in frustration.

Meditation is all about the present moment. The results will come, and maybe when they come you won’t care so much.

Dedicate yourself to your practice and the results will come. But if you take your goal-oriented approach to meditation, you will only feel that you are not getting there fast enough.

3. You get angry with noise and “distractions”

Are you incredibly demanding with the environment in which you meditate? Yes, it is important to establish a routine, but intrusions occur. You sit and meditate and when you are finally in the area, your roommate knocks on the door asking for rent. or, your cell phone rings.

How are you doing? Do you fit in and say you’re meditating? Or, do you laugh at the intrusion and resume your practice?

Meditation is the art of mindfulness. If you are practicing mindfulness meditation, these distractions and noises can be a real blessing. They are not interruptions, but simply things you can pay attention to and watch happen, just like your thoughts.

4. Your brain is not clear or empty

Your mind will never be clear or empty. If you meditate regularly you will develop a deeper understanding of your mind.

But it is very rare that you simply fall into a deep nothingness. States like these do come, and they leave, just like the rest.

Meditation will help you to create a new awareness of all your inner states and to be able to witness them, without letting them dictate your life.

5. Thinking is not the problem

“I can’t meditate, because I can’t stop thinking. Meditation is not for me.” Thinking is never the problem. Your brain will continue to think and create problems forever. That’s what he does.

Meditation will change your relationship with your thoughts. Instead of identifying so closely with your thoughts, you will begin to realize that they are just thoughts, not true or false. And they will usually disappear when you stop wrapping them.

In time, you will begin to become a witness to your thoughts and you will be able to laugh at how ridiculous some of them are.

If you commit to meditating regularly and avoid the above mistakes, you are meditating. Don’t worry so much. The effects of meditation are subtle. Follow it and you will get the fruits.

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