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Should I Use a Thick Yoga Mat?

Is a thick yoga mat for you? Answer some basic questions to see what type of yoga mat is best for the way you practice yoga.

Yoga – Outside In and Inside Out

In the West, the term ‘yoga’ is often used to refer to asana classes, doing yoga poses, which are really only part of the path of yoga. Yoga actually means “union” which refers to both the path and the goal, which is the union of the body, mind and spirit, or of the individual soul and universal soul. Within yoga, we need to work from the outside in at the same time as we work from the inside out.

How Does Yoga Stretching Help Lose Arm Fat and Give You That Hot Hollywood Look

It seems yoga stretching and poses isn’t only just about developing the flexibility of a rubber band. You can use stretching to help build muscles and give the muscular lean look like a hot Hollywood model and lose arm fat along the way. I’ll explain the association of stretching that builds a firm arm that will convince you to consider changing how you workout. During weight training there are two things which you can help your arms develop that hard toned look rather than having the softer shape even though you may have a lot of strength. Do you go to the gym and see girls or guys who workout and who are obviously strong but are still bulky or flabby? Well there are two things going on with this shape.

How to Improve Flexibility

It’s no easy journey, but it can be done. You can become flexible! My secrets on how to improve flexibility.

Welcome to Yoga – Investing in Yourself

Congratulations on your involvement in the world of yoga. You’re taking part in a practice in which millions of people over thousands of years have found joy, peace and many physical and mental benefits.

Taking Yoga Off the Mat – Body, Mind and Spirit

Yoga is much more than just poses. It is intended to be a way of life, an integral part of our daily routine, thoughts and feelings. Remember that we gain from our yoga practice off our mats as well as on our mats. You can incorporate all the elements of yoga into your everyday life and so continue to enjoy its benefits.

Yoga and Music – Recommended Aural Stimulation

One of my favorite things to do at places like Whole Foods (sometimes the CD listening station is tucked away so you have to look for it), Kripalu, Omega or the retail in a yoga studio is to put on headphones and listen to some of the music they are selling. One of my main tasks when I am at Kripalu is to plunk myself down and go through dozens of CDs and then only let my self buy my favorite 10%.

How to Be a Bad Yoga Partner – Top Ten Tips

Partner Yoga is a niche kind of yoga that is like having a stretching partner. Using the energy of the partner dynamic, you can go deeper in some of the poses, remain steady in some of the balancing poses by using your partner’s weight and get direction and support, while at the same time supporting, guiding and encouraging your own partner. It can be done with two solos who just met or with longtime couples. Here is a list of the ways you can be a partner that no one will want to practice with again.

Yoga, a Brief History

Yoga is extremely popular these days and there are many different types. What follows is some background information on the origins of yoga.

How Do I Find Yoga Information Regarding Pregnancy Safety?

Rebecca and I visited the doctor last week. We were unclear if she should be doing a lot of exercising while she was pregnant. Safety during pregnancy was the most important thing to us. Sometimes she has dizzy spells because of the increase in exercising.

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