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Mindful – How Meditation Helps Me Thrive And Feel Free

Feel healthier and free. Think crisp and colorful detail in your meditation visualization.

My Mother Used To Say

“Carl, if you look hard enough, you can see good in everything.” Mom called it a “Happy Fault”. She used Christ’s crucifixion as an example. It was sad that He suffered and died, but good that He redeemed us.

Receiving the Gift of Inspiration at Will

Inspiration has been attributed with many scientific advances throughout the history of mankind. Unfortunately, inspiration has not always been a gift that could be relied upon with regularity. The author provides a methodology that might be useful for Westerners to receive more reliably and regularly the gift of inspiration in the face of an identifiable need.

The Path of Meditation – Right Action – Meditation’s Visible Aspect

Right action follows when there is right intention which is always present when there is right view. As they are intention driven, speech and action have karmic consequences later in this life and following lives. Your actions feed into your stream of causality which constantly delivers results fairly matched to your actions. Thus, right view and intention are indispensable if you want to get the results you want, the right results of happiness.

Fundamentalist Absolutism From a Meditation Point of View

Objects undeniably appear to be substantially, independently real as though they are waiting somewhere out there for us to discover and exploit, created givens existing for our pleasure. We accept this illusion at face value and believe it is an absolute truth, a reality so obvious that it cannot be questioned.

Discover Meditation

Meditation is the practise of stilling the mind. By focusing the mind on a single point of concentration we unify the mind, body and spirit merging with higher consciousness bringing peace, harmony and many other unquantifiable benefits.

Meditation to Match Your Personality

The fast-paced demands of living in today’s society can leave most of us stressed, tense and anxious. While many people are drawn to the physiological and psychological benefits of meditating, they never seem to get around to trying it. While there are many reasons why people don’t regularly meditate, the most common reason given is: “meditating isn’t for me. I don’t have the patience to sit still for ten minutes with my eyes closed.” What many people don’t realize is that meditation takes many forms. While sitting still with your eyes closed is one form of meditation, any activity – from gardening to cooking – can become a meditative experience if you’re really present in the moment. The benefits of meditation abound and have been linked to lowering blood pressure, reducing stress and anxiety, relieving chronic pain, strengthening the immune system and treating insomnia, to name only a few.

Meditation Techniques for Beginners

If you are a person who believes in the power of meditation and visualization to move you in the direction of your goals, this article may be the beginning of your path to success. I will have to warn you. There will be no – How to’s in this article. There will be no special lessons and no special tricks in this article that will make you a…

Ways to Use Meditation to Help Reduce Your Anxiety

Anxiety comes in all shapes and sizes. It can be an almost permanent state of affairs for some people whilst in others it is triggered by certain situations that they find stressful. Whichever option you’re unfortunate enough to suffer from, meditation can be a good way to reduce your anxiety.

Healing Meditation for Body and Soul

Healing means bringing your mind and body to a stable and healthy state. Healing is not a simple process. It consists of various ups and downs until the body or mind is completely healed. If you want your body to heal from an ailment, you go to a doctor and take medicines.

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