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Yoga Accessories – Inexpensive Yet Effective

As with most forms of exercises, there are also many accessories that can benefit you in your yoga workout. As you find new poses you want to try and get more confident in what you already do, simply get a new accessory as needed to move on to a new pose.

Silent Savasana – Going Beyond the Mind

Silent savasana is challenging but can be one of the most rewarding experiences in yoga. It allows you to visit yourself from the inside out. Lying in silence, after a yoga session, is a rare opportunity not many people get to experience. Seize the opportunity with enthusiasm, not trepidation.

5 Tips For Success With Yoga Exercising

Yoga is a great stress reliever that uses exercises to bring the mind, body and spirit into unity with each other. Here are five tips that will help you benefit the most from what yoga can offer you.

Yoga – Is it Right For You?

Yoga is becoming more and more popular as a form of exercise. Why? Because not only is it healthy but it can be fun. The exercises are not near as strenuous as ones promoted in other types of exercise and yet the results are just as good or better.

Yoga – 3 Types of Poses to Lower Your Blood Pressure Naturally

Yoga asanas are a great benefit in controlling high blood pressure. By practicing these asanas, you will not only lower your blood pressure but also reduce the effects of hypertension on the other organs in the body. Here are three types of asanas that work to reduce your blood pressure.

Yoga For Diabetics

A great number of people all over the world suffer from incurable diabetes, which can be type 1 or type 2 diabetes. In diabetes type 2, the pancreas does not produce sufficient amounts of insulin hormone that is used to convert food into energy. Further, this insufficient insulin is not utilized properly by the liver cells. In diabetes type 1, the pancreas in the body is rendered incapable to produce insulin. So, diabetes type 1 patients are insulin dependent and need treatment with regular insulin shots. Obesity affects a great percentage of the world’s population and is found to be a major cause of diabetes.

All About Yoga Breathing – The Art of Pranayama

‘Stress’ is another name for life these days. It results in improper breathing or lack of oxygen in the body. The body, when starved of oxygen, becomes a haven for diseases related to heart and other vital organs. Yoga breathing or pranayama refers to a combination of exercises used to achieve breath control. “Prana” symbolizes “life force” and “yama” stands for “control”. Pranayama, therefore, is the systematic breathing intended to control breath, and revitalize the body by completely eliminating the diseases.

Various Forms of Yoga

There may be different reasons for people to practice yoga. While some may turn up to yoga to improve physical strength or posture, some others may do it to recover from an injury. While some may do it to stay fit, others might consider it a path to enlightenment. The most common forms of yoga practiced all over the world are:

The Essence of Yoga Lies in Right Posture and Meditation Techniques

Yoga means union. It relates to the unification or balancing of the mind, body, and soul. It is this balance that rids the body of diseases of varying types, and helps in controlling thoughts and actions. To achieve this union, yoga primarily involves breathing exercises, asanas or physical poses, and meditation.

Yoga – Defining the Stages

The ancient yoga practitioners define eight stages or steps in yoga, also called ashtanga meaning 8 limbs. These 8 steps describe the guidelines to attain a true realization of one’s self. The eight stages are:

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