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Meditation and Epilepsy

I learned how to meditate as a way to help manage my epilepsy. A daily routine of meditation helped me reduce the number of seizures I had and, thus, increased my quality of life.

Meditation and MTV

Instead of trancing out randomly when you’re driving or daydreaming aimlessly at the desk, why not try meditating? When we were young, we (if you are the same generation as I) used to zone out by watching music videos after school.

Meditation and Self-Responsibility

A regular meditation practice can and will change your life. Meditating on a daily basis provides you with the tools you need to be honest with yourself and others. Meditation is the essential tool for self-improvement.

Isn’t Meditation Just a Waste of Time?

The most frequent response I get from people when I talk about learning how to meditate is, “Isn’t that just a waste of time?” After years of teaching people how to meditate, I shouldn’t be surprised by this question. But I am.

About Brain Fitness Meditation

Meditation of all varieties yields great benefits for the health and longevity of the brain, but mindfulness meditation is particularly helpful in this regard. Daily mindfulness meditation may be used to prevent or reverse age related brain decline in addition to boosting baseline brain function considerably.

Meditation Is the Gateway to Supernatural Powers

Meditation is something that is practiced by millions of people all over the world. And you don’t have to be a particular religion to meditate; absolutely anyone can reap the wonderful benefits that meditation has to offer. In general, most people meditate for one or more of the following reasons: to achieve inner peace and tranquility, to increase their concentration, to rid themselves of a disease that is difficult to treat, or to improve a particular area of their life, such as their career or love life. As you can see, meditation can afford you numerous benefits, and as a result, more and more people are giving it a try.

How to Walk on Sunshine Instead of Eggshells

When your thoughts are locked onto a certain challenge, you can feel like you are walking on eggshells. Navigating around those eggshells requires your attention and energy, and creates stress. When stress is your 24/7 companion, you have little time to even notice, let alone enjoy, those present moments that might be filled with sunshine. However, there is a way to turn those eggshells into sunshine and free yourself of that stress.

The Secret Science Behind Meditation That Explains How It Works

Meditation is a practice first initiated by the Buddhists and has now successfully spread all over the world. Later on many scientific researches were conducted on the techniques of meditation after which it became evident that it truly does have a great beneficial effect on the health of a person. But before you go on to understand how and why meditation works it’s important that you first understand the process of meditation. Especially for all those people who haven’t yet given it a try and often wonder if it can really work, understanding this process will really help them comprehend the process of meditation.

Meditation for Controlling Emotional Flow

Meditation provides a gateway to our subconscious mind, and with regular practice, the subconscious can be molded to favor more positive emotions and actions. Regular meditation has been shown to provide mental benefits, such as improved focus and mental clarity.

How Do I Meditate?

The purpose of this writing is to teach you a meditation skill as quickly as possible, so that you can experience it today! Some people consider meditation the key to balancing the mind, body and soul, and the benefits of meditation are many including anxiety and stress reduction, gaining sharper mental focus, clearing mental chatter, or becoming a more creative thinker, just to name a few or so.

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