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How to Achieve Inner Peace

‘Inner Peace’ is a big concept in certain circles. I’m going to cover some ways that we cut ourselves off from Inner Peace and how to reconnect to that feeling.

Meditate For Awhile

How long is awhile? How long is enough?

Discover the Valuable Uses of Guided Meditation Techniques

In life’s busy and hectic schedule there is a way to find a little peace with guided meditation techniques. It is important that everyone finds a way to relax and spiritually renew their body and mind. If you are looking for a way to handle life’s problems a little calmer, then look into this practice of meditation. It can help in so many ways restore balance to your life.

Can Meditation Replace Sleep?

In the last decade, the practice of meditation has moved into the mainstream. With meditation’s growing and more generalized acceptance, there is increasing discussion about the possibility of meditation replacing sleep entirely. Is that possible?

The Benefits of Healing Meditation For Relieving Pain

Some illnesses can be healed with the use of healing meditation. For example, chronic pain is one type of illness that may be helped through the use of healing meditation. Many physicians in the United States are now learning more about the benefits of healing meditation and how it can help more than traditional meditation for people with chronic pain.

Achieving a Deep State of Relaxation Using Binaural Beats Meditation

If you have ever struggled to meditate you will be pleased to learn about binaural beats meditation. A gifted man named Heinrich Wilhelm Dove discovered, in 1839, that if two separate frequencies were played through a headset that the individual perceived the sounds as a distinctive pulsating beat.

What Powerful Meditation Techniques Can I Use?

What powerful meditation techniques can you do? Which ones really help you relax, calm your mind, unwind from a hard day? There are so many different methods to meditate and many of them are very simple. Even doing meditation for only a few minutes every day can go a long way towards your state of mind and result in spiritual peace.

Can Your Sex Affect Your Breathing Meditation?

Give your brain a break with breathing meditation. Find a comfortable place to relax, sit quietly, and breathe. Let go of all of your thoughts. If your thoughts are still coming, imagine a beautiful sunshine.

Meditation in Color – How to Use Colors to Influence and Intensify Your Meditations

Colors are in many ways connected to emotions and thoughts. Certain colors provide a type of energy that can be directly related to a goal or directive of your meditations.

The Five Tattvas of the Indians of Mother Earth

The Tattvas or tattwas are symbols which you are to keep in your mind through a certain period of time. They are meant as a specified beginning of mental practice also relating directly to mental stages. Each are particular and each are significant to the actual essence of its image.

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