All You Need to Know About Ashtanga Yoga

Ashtanga Yoga is one of the most popular yoga types in the world. Its popularity has been heightened by its ability to relieve joint and back pains. The style was invented by Pattabhi Jois who was a practitioner and a teacher of yoga. The style aims at improving the well being of the body, mind and spirit through a series of six poses.

3 Basic Yoga Poses Every Beginner Should Know

You don’t have to be able to twist your body into impossible shapes or touch your hands to your toes. When you join yoga, you should aim for one thing: becoming flexible in mind, body and spirit. Although, yoga may be overwhelming for a beginner due to the many poses that you need to learn, you should not be scared. You need to be patient and learn one pose after another. When you are a beginner, here 3 poses that you should know.

5 Yoga Myths Debunked

There are many preconceived notions about yoga that have been flying around and it’s time to get them out. Due to the deep meditation and chanting practiced during yoga sessions, the exercise is usually confused to be a religion.

Yoga Breathing Exercise – How To Do the Alternate Nostril Breathing Exercise

As a Sivananda Yoga Teacher, I enjoy teaching students Alternate Nostril Breathing exercise, also known by its Sanskrit name, Anuloma Viloma. Here are the six steps you need to take to practice this yoga breathing exercise.

An Overview on Yoga Bolsters

Yoga bolsters are increasingly becoming a prop of choice for both yoga enthusiasts and beginners. This article provides a high level overview on what they are and how they help.

8 Simple Yoga Stretches To Increase Flexibility

God created the human body to be lithe and limber, capable of moving or bending without restraint. But over the many centuries, we have gone from exerting physical energy into our work to a more relaxed state of mental toil.

Yoga Retreats – 5 Essential Things to Consider When Choosing One

A lot of places nowadays provide you with the opportunity to connect with nature by practicing yoga but are you making the right moves if you are on the lookout for a yoga retreat? Retreats are of various types as they are basically holidays in which you are provided with a soothing environment so that you can meditate and get to know yourself better.

What Are Power Yoga Retreats Actually?

A yoga retreat is already an activity that helps you make the most of your life but when you opt for a power yoga retreat, everything changes. It is not a simple retreat activity in which you’d be given free time to meditate and contemplate things for your future and your life but in this, there is a great pressure for connecting with nature through yoga practice.

Rejuvenate Yourself on a Yoga Retreat Vacation

Are you surrounded by lots of stress in your life and you don’t even get a chance to relax? If the answer to this question is yes, then now is the time that you take some money out of your savings and invest it in a yoga retreat. Your might have plans for your holidays this fall but if it is a tourist destination, then it is highly recommended that you change it to a yoga vacation as it will be of great help to you.

How About a Yoga Spa Vacation This Time?

Fitness is quite an important element in our lives as we all know how crucial it is to stay healthy and stress free. But do you get sufficient time to exercise in your busy life? If your answer is no, then it is something that is not just your problem these days as today a lot of people belong to service sectors and are carrying on with their lives without any place for exercise.

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