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How To Overcome Your Fear Of Death With Simple Meditation Techniques

The fear of death is very common (even in those with no reason to believe they will die anytime soon). Some schools of philosophy and psychology suggest that the fear of death is one of the strongest influences of human behavior throughout life. Be that as it may, the fear of death can definitely be reduced and probably transcended completely. Doing this leads to much more joy and much less fear in general throughout life.

Mediation Can Assist Worker Reintegration Following Long-Term Illness

Returning to work following long-term sick leave can be a daunting experience. Not only do you have to quickly re-familiarise yourself with day-to-day tasks and company procedures but there is also the matter of workplace relationships to rebuild. There is a possibility that colleagues who have had responsibility for your workload during your absence could greet you with resentment.

3 Most Important Questions in Beginners Meditation

These are most often asked questions by beginners in meditation practice: 1. How to concentrate, focus during meditation? There are basically 5 main types of concentration in beginners meditation: a) on a single object; b) on breathing; c) on the whole body or certain parts of the body; d) on music or sound; e) on mantra; Beginners are often advised to start with concentration on breathing and/or single object, since it will easier shift them to a “stillness mode” and avoid…

The Use of Incense in Meditation

WE who are practicing mediation are doing it for various reasons, but mainly to reach heightened levels of awareness, to calm the spirit and be in better control of emotions in our daily activities. I find the use of Incense helps me in my practice and my hope is it will be beneficial to you.

Third Eye Chakra: 3 Huge Mistakes That You Will Prevent You From Opening The Ajna

There is an epic heap of nonsense out there about the Third Eye Chakra. Most people will never Truly open the third eye, because their intent sends them in the opposite direction of awakening to non-perceptual Truth.

Guided Imagery Meditation for Relaxation

If you are one of those people with busy lives and hardly take any breaks during the day, you probably think that meditation is too time consuming for you. But trust me when I say that meditation do not have to take hours to do and even short meditations can also be extremely beneficial. One type of meditation stat is great for relaxation is guided imagery meditation.

Third Eye Meditations

Real Insight is available, but before you can achieve it, you have to recognize and accept the fallibility of your perception. Truth reveals itself once all blocks to its realization have been removed.

The Busy Person’s Advantage With Meditation

Hustle and bustle in city life comes with its challenges. This pressure fuels the economy, it propels and influence the behaviour of humans as a whole. Money therefore would be the means in which we trade our time for cash. Other people are chasing in on your time. The point is, here are 3 qualities you cultivate with meditation.

What’s So Great About Meditation?

Meditation has been known as one of the most regenerative practices anyone can undertake. Far from being mystical or spiritual, meditation is directly applicable and practical to our daily responses in life.

The Positive Effects Of Meditation and Brain Entrainment On Your Body’s Chemistry

Meditation has been scientifically proven to aid in the release of healthy chemicals into the blood stream. These are listed below, along with descriptions of their effects on the body/mind. The propagation of these chemicals can be achieved with the addition of brain entrainment, which assists in the process of reaching progressively deeper states of consciousness.

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