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The Yogic Path – Showing the Way

After many sessions of practicing Yogic meditation and self-analysis, some of us realize why we are here. We find our life purpose and move forward. Yet, what do we leave behind for our family, friends, and students? Once we have found our life purpose, there should be no hesitation on our part, but we should leave markers along the path for our loved ones and the generations of Yoga practitioners to follow.

The Yogic Path – Truth and Inner Vision

When one travels the Yogic path, where is he or she going? If you have a purely physical goal, why would you want to open your mind toward mental, emotional, and spiritual health? Yoga is made up of many components. An exceptionally flexible person may visit one Hatha Yoga class. After one class, he or she may leave bored and go back to dance or gymnastics. This happens every day because some people view all forms of Yoga as an exercise in physical mastery.

How Old Is Too Old For Hatha Yoga?

Hatha Yoga teachers are asked variations of this question daily. At times, it seems as if there is a public perception that Hatha Yoga is only for the young and athletic. Many prospective students, with years of training, wonder if they are worthy enough to undergo a Yoga teacher training course. The most common reason, for feeling unworthy of going through Yoga certification, is aging.

The Evolution of a Hatha Yoga Teacher

Here is why the art of teaching will never be replaced by technology: People love the personal interaction with mentors, Gurus, and Yoga teachers. The Internet can produce a huge amount of information in minutes, but we often read, hear, or see differing opinions, which seem to have equal weight. If one has a competent Yoga teacher, he or she may be able to present a focused view of differing opinions.

Benefits of a Private Yoga Studio Over a Gym Membership

With the popularity of Yoga as an excellent stress reduction technique, most commercial gyms are now offering yoga in their class schedules. As convenient as these classes can be, a gym simply cannot offer the many benefits and relaxing environment afforded by a privately owned yoga studio. This article will review and discuss many of these differences and point out the advantages of attending classes in a privately owned yoga studio.

Boost Your Immunity With Yoga

We are living an era that is obsessed in “quick fixes” instead of making us responsible for our own health. For example: If we are depressed, take a pill instead of resolving the issue that is making us depressed is the more accepted way to go. There are many factors that weaken the immune system that flu shots and other vaccines can not resolve.

Illustrated Stretching Exercises – One Worry Free Method to Do it Yourself

Too stressed out to make it to the gym on time. If you do not feel comfortable with all the other Ken and Barbies at the local yoga studio try this method to stay in mental and physical health.

Alternative Breathing Technique For Yoga

Sit upright and place the thumb and index finger of your right hand on the bridge of your nose. Close your left nostril with the third finger. Breathe in though your open right nostril and breathe out vigorously and in spurts 10 times. Change hands and breathe through the other nostril. This exercise is recommended for anyone with a respiratory disorder, particularly asthma sufferers.

Yoga Introduction

An ancient Hindu system of exercises or posture, called asanas, yoga unlocks tension and brings about physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing. The word derives from the Sanskrit meaning union. There are many different types of yoga, some of which have been practiced for more than five thousand years. In the West, however, the most popular types are hatha yoga, which consists of a series of gentle exercises and postures, and iyengar yoga, which is more advanced and physically rigorous.

Yoga Video

It is usually a helpful idea to watch a yoga instructor guide you through a yoga session on a yoga video or DVD. This can take the place of a class if you just can’t manage to get to one for some reason. However doing your Restorative Yoga session by watching a video is not so easy. The point about Restorative Yoga is that it is a very restful, deeply healing practice and for this you need a couple of things…

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