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Yogic Mediation – The Journey of Self to Cosmic Self

Yoga as a way of life has much importance in human life. Since humans are self-conscious by nature, there is an urge in him to experience supreme bliss by self-realization. This is only possible through effective coordination of mind, body and spirit. Yoga is a medium, which helps us to unite the three parts in us to benefit each other in an organized way.

Yoga Postures – 12 Stress Relief Techniques to Help You Calm Your Mind

Yoga is one of the renowned stress relief techniques and can help you to clear your mind. These Yoga posture sequences are set to flow together one after the other.

Yoga Is Life Energy

Reiki is healing energy in movement. Tai Chi is moving energy.

The Benefits of Yoga for Runners

Devoted athletes are always on the prowl for enhanced ways to care for their bodies and avoid injuries. Yoga for runners can complement athletic training. Many runners suffer from back and knee pains, which force them to give up running. A yoga program designed for athletes will allow runners to keep running hard and long, for many years.

Positive Benefits of Yoga

Many people think that doing exercise has to be hard or difficult. They also believe that they can’t combine many different exercise programs.

Yoga – Why You Should Do It

When it comes to yoga there are many reason to practice it. While it is generally seen as something that only women do, many men today are getting into practicing it.

Will Online Yoga Videos Replace Yoga DVDs?

Although people have been doing yoga for many (thousands of) years, the techniques of how you learn it have changed. Yoga DVD’s were once very popular, and although they are still as popular as ever, a new form of yoga teaching has emerged. People are now using online yoga videos to learn this amazing relaxation program. Although you may think this can be very difficult, it is proving to be very popular and more people are logging on to learn the latest moves and techniques.

Spiritual Perspective of Yoga

Man is a spiritual being. Man is the compound of body soul and spirit. Body is the tangible part. Soul is the seat of mind, emotion and will. Spirit (atma) represents the divine touch of life.

How Yoga Can Help Your Mind

Many of the problems that people face in the world today are created in their own mind. We set up our own limiting beliefs without even realizing it.

Prenatal Yoga – The Importance of Relaxation for Pregnancy and Birth

When women in my prenatal yoga class ask me ‘What is the most important practice I should be doing to prepare for my birth?’ they are often surprised by my answer: relaxation. The importance of relaxation in pregnancy should not be underestimated.

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