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The Part of You That’s Everything Else

Meditation trains your unconscious mind. But what is your unconscious, exactly? The answer explains why mental exercises tap into so much of your potential.

Crouching Coward, Hidden Shadows

Meditation sometimes conjures challenging new thoughts. The way to handle them is the way you’ve handled everything else: through the techniques you’ve already mastered.

The Peter Parker Moment

Peter Parker was a normal guy until a spider bit him. In a moment, he gained powers he didn’t seek or choose. Meditation, in a way, does the same thing.

Meditation Is a Terrible Way to Relax

Meditation is not a relaxation technique. If you use it as one, it’ll work… until you realise that your mind is expanding. This experience isn’t for everyone, so be sure it’s what you want.

How I Dream Up New Ideas

You have all the ideas you could ever need, obscured by your own thinking. Pull back the curtain with meditation to see what lies within you.

Your Body’s Mechanism for Enhancing Your Health

Your best health comes from your body and mind working in tandem. Meditation is one approach to allowing you to rest, repair and recover.

Meditation and Mental Health

In this Q&A, I answer some common questions about meditation and mental health. I cover how it works, what it’s great for and when to avoid it. Oh, and what to do when meditation doesn’t work for you.

Breathing Under Pressure

Where does pressure come from? It’s not out there – it’s in here. This is excellent news, since regular meditation can resolve things that lie in your own mind. A few key habits are all that separate you from your potential.

Applied Neuroscience Secrets of Ancient Mystics

Meditation strengthens your whole mind by developing key mental skills. These skills form the foundation of a healthy awareness. If you practice regularly, you’ll notice your memory improves as if by magic.

How Genius Is Like Stupidity

The way masters and novices view the world is surprisingly similar. Of course, it’s not identical. A key skill that separates the two also happens to be vital for meditation. Train your mind to shift towards mastery and you’ll enjoy surprising results.

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