3D meditation models for home printing

(Last updated: February 19, 2021)

One of the most interesting and useful things to print in 3D at home are the 3D meditation models. Very often, you come across situations where your mind seems blocked and tired. And, meditation can help calm your mind and soul forever. And, if you’re someone who enjoys meditating often, you shouldn’t miss the opportunity to print 3D objects that can help you get full attention. There are many models that can be easily printed in 3D at home, giving you the opportunity to customize them.

Are you already thinking about which 3D printing model for your home? Please read the full article because we have some of the best 3D meditation model designs in our article. So read on and get information on where to download your 3D design file. And after that, print it at home with your 3D printer. So simple!

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The most suitable meditation 3D model designs for your site

When it comes to meditation, everyone’s ideology is different. Some may need a Buddha model in front of them, while others believe in Yin and Yang, and so on. The list below attempts to cover many different variants of these ideologies that we have related to the word “meditation.”

1) Meditation under

This 3D design file is available for $ 1 in 3DMB. It is based on the philosophy of taking regular intervals of thought to make the mind more efficient. Keeping it on your desktop will be very fruitful, in the sense that it will increase your decision-making ability. You could take short breaks from thinking that require long reflection. And then go back to the point on the left with renewed energy, a kind of revival. The pod is empty so it makes more sense to stand in front of you. It’s like asking yourself to sit in the pod for a while, after you’ve thought of something enough to frustrate you.

Buddha statue

2) Voxel wooden statue of the Buddha girl

Buddhism is famous all over the world as a religion that admires its meditating monks in monasteries. And downloading the 3D design file of Sketchfab’s wooden statue of Buddha Voxel for $ 5 is like taking home a light source. It’s fascinating, isn’t it? Imagine someone bending their legs, closing their eyes, and resting their palms so that they look up at the sky and travel inward to solve an outside problem! Now imagine what it would be like to 3D print this model for your site.

3) Shiva Nataraja The Lord of Dance

As we promised you at the beginning of our article on the different 3D designs we will put in front of you, after recognizing the closed-eye Buddha design, we bring you Lord Shiva who dances and transmits energy. This meditation model is available for $ 35 on CGTrader. Don’t worry about it being expensive, as you can get a $ 20 discount as soon as you sign up for CGTrader. If you can see meditation as the source of such a volatile dance, why not download the 3D design file for this model and print it out?

4) Geralt Meditant

Fans of The Witcher, we’ve got you covered. How to forget the scene in which Geralt meditates? Even 3D designers couldn’t forget Geralt meditating, so there’s a 3D design file of the same available for download on Thingiverse. You will need to use rafts and support structures and maintain a resolution of 0.1 while printing this model in 3D. But all this is worth seeing Geralt de Rivia in his famous kneeling pose, what do you say?

5) Opening the window to the new world

This model, the 3D design file of which can be downloaded from Cults 3D, has two hands that want to open the window that is closed between your world and meditation. And that’s exactly why it adapts to our stressful, work-laden lives. Somewhere or other, we all want to free ourselves from the workload we suffer in this world of meditation that promises us nothing but happiness. This would make up for a perfect piece of art that you can hang on the wall or keep on your desk. Its 3D design file is available in STL file format and will allow you to print the model in a very high quality.


6) Mandala

The purely coincident point of concept between Mandala and our mental framework before meditation is the complexity of both. If you look at a Mandala, does it take you a while to imagine where the artist must have started making it? The same goes for a mind before meditation, when we are deeply involved in the thought process, sometimes we can’t say where and why we started? If you can relate to this philosophy, why not download the 3D Mandala Frames Vol 29 3D design file available on TurboSquid and print it on your site?

The conclusion

Aside from giving you access to meditation, these 3D models also increase the aesthetic value of your site. And they would also be able to capture the attention of the visitors there. They are awesome, they are attractive, they require attention and above all they are meditating. Therefore, downloading and printing your 3D files will serve you for more than one purpose.

In addition, these models are made with 3D printing technology, so they can be customized according to your preferences. There is a very low chance that you will find a place that is the same as yours. This means that in terms of being unique, they surpass all the standard models you can see on the site of your neighbors or family. These models will help you stand out! So, if you have a 3D printer at home and want to get the most out of it, you can download free 3D modeling software and get started.

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