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Spanking The Monkey Mind And Experimenting With An OBE

Meditation is challenging and the monkey mind is something that nearly everyone who has tried deals with. This is a story about those experiences and some thoughts in how to deal with those challenges. Further, it adds a personal story of a rather intense meditation that had some interesting results and how that was achieved.

The Benefits of Meditation – Five Immediate Benefits Even Beginners Can Enjoy

We often hear about the benefits of meditation, and there are many. However, the benefits of meditation are often quite subtle, and do not show themselves immediately. Also, meditation practice take a bit of getting used to, since most people are just not used to sitting silently and doing what seems like nothing.

Christian Meditation, Sacred Silence

Are you a Christian who would like to know how to enjoy the benefits of meditation, but are afraid to try it because you believe it is not compatible with Christianity? If so would you like to see what the gospels have to say on the subject?

The Stabilizing Power of Meditation

As we go through life things happen to us to get us off course. Things that make us wonder about the true benevolence, kindness and love of life and the universe. The beauty of meditation is that when you meditate you truly get grounded with life and you are able to see how everything is really well and going the way it’s supposed to. You are doing your part, others are doing their part and together the world is a beautiful place for everyone to live in.

Binaural Beats – Improving Your Health

There are the conventional treatments such as drugs, surgery and physical therapy. But there are some diseases that can’t be cured by conventional medicine and are still under studies. Sometimes it’s not just the diseases that bothers individuals but other problems such as addiction, unhappiness, anxiety and other personal problems.

Regular Meditation Will Keep You Sane

Others sleep on their problems but wake up with these still lingering in their system. Some would indulge in sinful food – chocolate, French fries, ice cream, those quarter pound burgers – only to cuss as they work hard on the treadmill and bicycle afterward.

Top 10 Meditation Benefits: How Does Meditation Help The Human Body?

Meditation benefits are numerous, but what are the ones that really help us feel great mentally, emotionally and physically? These ten benefits of meditation top the list for mental, emotional and physical well-being.

How to Do Meditation: Easy Ways To Meditate

If you’ve been wondering about how to do meditation then here are some ways that you can choose from. They are all easy ways to meditate and are definitely suitable for meditation beginners.

Meditation Using Mantras And Visualization To Make The Law Of Attraction Work For You

While the law of attraction has started to gain in popularity during the last 30 or so years, it is in fact one of the most ancient universal laws governing the Earth. I’d venture to say it is as old as the law of gravity itself. Meditation being also an ancient tradition practiced by monks and spiritual teachers in the Eastern world, it is no wonder that the two distinct yet related disciplines have a strong connection that people are using to their advantage in improving their daily lives.

Straightforward Meditation Techniques for Beginners

Science has proven that there are a lot of Meditation Techniques for Beginners in the same way there are a lot of advantages that result from meditation. Most think they would never learn How to Meditate but as soon as they realize that Meditation for Beginners can lead to reduced stress, eliminate and prevent mental illness, diseases and medication, they alter their minds and start meditating.

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