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Helpful Yoga Tips – Biological-Based Therapies and Their Health Benefits

Biological-based therapies rely on vitamins, minerals and herbs as a way of treating illness and disease. Probiotics is one of the most popular biological-based therapies. This biological-based therapy encourages patients to eat yogurt and other dairy products that contain bacteria that are thought to be good for maintaining the health of the stomach and intestines.

How Many Types of Yoga Are There?

If you have not tried it before then you might be confused by the many differing varieties of Yoga practices that are available. Before deciding which sort of exercise is right for you it is an excellent idea to attend a class of each style that interests you so you can try out each style to find out which you like. Here is a quick overview of the most well liked of Yoga to help you get started…

An Introduction to Yoga Psychology

Yoga Psychology is an ancient science and study of the mind that has become a practical method for mental and physical health and well being. In this article we explore the outline of yoga psychology and how it applies to the modern-day health system. Although spiritually based, yoga psychology contains the basic elements necessary to be applied as a general practice of psychology for holistic health care.

For Yoga Teachers – Can Your Yoga Students Find You?

You’ve worked hard to establish yourself as an independent yoga teacher, or you’ve taken the plunge and opened your own yoga studio. Congratulations, now yoga students will come to your classes and learn and grow through doing yoga with you. Everything’s in place… or is it? Have you let people know some basic information? Can your yoga students find you?

How Kripalu Yoga Can Help You With Anger

The concept of practicing Kripalu Yoga, as an accessory to fury management care, has promise, but it also has doubters. People that would like to stay as they are have abbreviated their possibilities at achieving success through any form of treatment. If we do not believe in a sort of treatment, there’s not much chance of success.

Yoga to Help Treat Infertility – Practice Yoga to Help You Conceive

Infertility is common problem in today’s stressful lifestyle, yoga can help treat infertility an make the dream of having a baby reality. Stress is one of the main causes of infertility, trying to become pregnant is actually a catch 22. The more stressed out you become about not conceiving the lower your chances become.

Kriya Yoga – An Ancient Spiritual Experience

Kriya Yoga, one of the ancient yoga practice which rapidly accelerate spirituality and helps to achieve a profound state of tranquility with God. It was revived in 19th century by a yogi named Mahavatar Babaji to his disciple Lahiri Mahasaya around the year 1816.

The Advantages of Yoga

Fear can be real, but most frequently is self-created because it is fear of what we don’t know or understand. Take a close look at what your fear is.

Advantages of Yoga For Sportsmen

More and more sportsmen are turning to yoga as an extra exercise routine to mend the imbalance in their body and to increase their performance in their selected field of sport. Whether you are a baseball, basketball, tennis, or football player, the mind body connection in yoga is a vital component in producing peak performance.

Yoga For Recovery

Do you yoga? Do you yoga beyond the mat? Do you realize that yoga is a gateway to connect you with your heart’s desire and life purpose?

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