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Grounding Meditation – Your Connection to Mother Nature

When people first start meditating with brainwave entrainment audio, one of the decisions they need to make is which brainwave frequencies they want to target. Some people, in a quest for complete inner knowledge, want to try them all – like a greedy guest at a wedding smorgasbord. Of course, the passage of time will naturally allow you to savor more meditative delicacies, and you will get more benefit from the experience if you don’t force your brain to do too much at once. So in the beginning, you need to think carefully about what your needs really are. In this article, we’ll look at three brainwave patterns with special benefits.

How to Listen to Brainwave Audio – A Checklist for Successful Meditation

Brainwave entrainment audio recordings have made genuinely altered states of consciousness available to a wide audience, regardless of prior experience with meditation. These products are not mere music, but contain specially engineered sub-sonic sounds that affect the listener’s brain in a profound way. As such, they should be used with more care and attention than one would give to Lady Gaga. Let’s review some ground rules for successful sessions.

Mindfulness Meditation and Stress Reduction

Meditation is a slippery concept, defined by different people in different ways, especially when the myriad of religious traditions is considered. But in the Western world, meditative practices can generally be grouped in two main categories: mindfulness meditation (open-monitoring) and concentrative meditation (focused attention). Unfortunately, this attempt to distinguish between practices tends to break down, even in scientific studies that should be more careful. In this article, we will focus (no pun intended) on one of the benefits of mindfulness meditation that has managed to shine through this confusion – the ability to reduce stress.

How To Meditate Deeply – Tips For A Deep Meditation

There’s a lot to be said for deep meditation. You can almost shut out the whole outside world and be in your own personal meditation space. But the first question is still “how to meditate deeply”, especially if you’re still starting out with meditation. Here are some tips to help you experience a deep meditation.

Guided Meditation – The 3 Dangers of Someone Else’s Voice

Guided meditation is all the rage these days, as even a few minutes on Google will reveal. Apparently, a lot of people want to try meditation and think they’ll do better if someone else holds their hand. Perhaps because I’m a rather self-contained and self-reliant introvert, I find this rather sad. But it’s worse than that. Leaning on someone else’s voice like a mental crutch is lazy and, like most shortcuts, doesn’t yield the quality of results that we’re looking for.

Guided Meditation – Should You Try It?

Guided meditation has become extremely popular in self-help circles, with seemingly every website dedicated to meditation trying to sell us CDs or even expensive one-on-one sessions with a personal meditation guide. I have never been drawn to this activity, and in this article I will explain the reasons for my reservations. If you are serious about attaining altered states of consciousness through meditation, you won’t fall for the hype either.

How Daily Meditation Gets You in the ‘Get Things Done’ Zone

Business people often think of meditation as simply a relaxation technique, kind of like listening to soothing music during a coffee break in order to clear your head. Studies however show that meditation can do a lot more than this for entrepreneurs. In fact, meditation can help you get more done in the workplace. Many top CEOs and salespeople practice it for this reason.

The Ultimate Purpose of Meditation: Meditation’s Role in Enlightenment

I began meditating almost thirty years ago. I think at first I began just out of curiosity. I had been studying meditation in my academic training and learned how science has shown that meditation is very beneficial to us.

Relaxation Magic – The Amazing Power of Meditation, Hypnosis, and Visualization

The three similar methods that you can employ to access the creative section of your subconscious mind are meditation, hypnosis, and visualization. Lessons in relaxation magic make use of a combination of all three of these methods. Just about everyone can accomplish the relaxed focus of meditation, hypnosis, and visualization with the exception of people who have mental disabilities, such as schizophrenia or bipolar disorder.

Walking Meditation As A Modern Way To A Healthier Life

One particular insightful type of meditation that varies from the ancient and classic idea is walking meditation. Walking meditation is noticeably different from other variations of meditation recognized by several.

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