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Six Yoga Poses Against Cervical Spondylosis

Many of our daily habits are likely to cause adverse effects on our cervical spine, for example, dozing on the desk, reading or sleeping by raising your spine with a pillow, and playing computer games for five or six hours without changing the posture. It seems to have no harm, nevertheless, it is likely to cause the malposition of cervical spine. You will feel painful soon, if you can’t drop those bad habits. Here I will share six tips that are great for preventing cervical disease with you.

The Importance of Flexibility

Being flexible is a luxury that many people take for granted and if ignored, can lead to issues from balance disorders and pain syndromes. Learn the importance of flexibility and how you can benefit from taking yoga and implementing other stretching routines in your daily routine.

The Essence of You

How the true essence is revealed through the practice of Yoga. How the mind, body and breath frees thoughts and joy because of Yoga.

Yoga Physiology: Nadis and the Energy of the Body

In classical yoga physiology, Nadis are energetic pathways which form a matrix throughout the human body. These channels are not considered as physical, measurable or dissectible structures, but are “that which underlies and sustains life within the body.”

Different Types of Yoga Postures

If you’re a beginner wanting to know more about various yoga postures, you have landed at the right place. In this write-up, we are going to talk about yoga warm up, standing, seated, backbends and twisted poses and postures. There are several different types of yoga exercises; however, all may not suit you but you’ll have to choose from among them that best suit your requirements.

What Is the Role of Music in Yoga?

Music has currently become some way of life for many individuals. Indeed, it’s the facility to affects one’s feeling, mood, and mental perspective. It’s for identical motive why yoga specialists and enthusiasts have used this medium in their observe.

Turning the Mind Upside Down

Several years ago I had decided to enroll in an intensive Iyengar Yoga class. Iyengar Yoga places a very strong emphasis on proper body alignment and positioning from the exact placement of the head and focus point of the eyes (also called drishti) all the way down to the pinky toe. Little did I know that it would also turn my mind upside down!

Beating the Heat – Four Tips for Staying Safe While Taking a Hot Yoga Class

Hot yoga or Bikram yoga is one of the latest trends in personal fitness in North America. But with millions now looking to see if this latest health craze can help them to achieve their personal wellness goals, it’s imperative to first consider the safety aspects of what can be a taxing experience on the body of even the strongest athlete. With that in mind, this article will focus on four safety tips for those looking to get the most from their hot yoga experience.

Key Benefits of Bikram Yoga

Bikram yoga is a highly popular variation of the art of yoga offering a range of positive benefits. Bikram yoga is often called hot yoga due to the fact that it is performed in an area that is heated to a high temperature, which is said to help promote the benefits for the participants. In general, the act of Bikram yoga relies on very similar asanas or poses seen in the more traditional forms of yoga.

Yoga and Training

Yoga and Training. Whether it’s training for a triathlon, a marathon, cycling race, or all of the above, you may find that practicing yoga, specifically Bikram yoga can improve your performance in all areas of your sport as well as the every day life we partake in. We have to stay healthy in order to participate in the sports we love. When injuries come up or stiff joints make it harder to press on, the flexibility gained in yoga can alleviate all of that when practiced regularly. It really does the trick!

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