3 Ways Conscious Travel Is Like Therapy – Lena Franklin


“Mindful Travel is an outward journey that ultimately takes us on the great journey IN.”
~ Lena Franklin

Sitting in one of my favorite spaces this AM: the intersection of the journey of full consciousness and transpersonal therapy, where the only true certainty is TRANSFORMATION. Here are 3 ways in which mindfulness is like therapy:

Perspective changes: One of the most useful aspects of therapy is the opportunity to explore our inner world with someone who can offer a perspective outside of yours, beyond the immediacy of your “things.” Mindful Travel is very similar, as it offers us the opportunity to explore beyond the microcosm of our “normal” everyday life and see ourselves and the world from a totally different space.

Denies limiting beliefs: An important task of the therapist is to refute, or contradict, the negative self-concepts that clients have about themselves by illuminating their strengths. Conscious journeys often transport us beyond the boundaries of who we thought we were or how we imagined we would live our lives, disproving the limiting beliefs that keep us small illuminating our true nature of limitation.

Facilitates mind-body-heart transformation: Therapy is often a profound journey of self-discovery, self-awareness, and self-healing, fueling our growth to unprecedented levels. In the same way, Mindful Travel makes it necessary for us to look inward and outward with new eyes and an open heart, and in these conditions, we cannot help but transform. Mindful Travel is an outward journey that ultimately takes us on the great journey IN.

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