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Yoga and Meditation – The Multi-Day Challenge – Conclusion

Have you finished the Multi-Day challenge? You were to concentrate and observe your reactions in relationships and various situations in your life for 7 consecutive days and list 5 specific instances where you attempted to control your environment to attain what you wanted, or to avoid something that caused you pain or discomfort. We should be just about at the end of the 7 days now. How did you do? Do you see how Yoga and Meditation can help!

Yoga and Meditation – The Multi-Day Challenge

Recently, we have been discussing cultural beliefs and mental conditioning. Today let’s try looking at this issue from a different perspective. The Environment. Some of you may relate better or be more comfortable addressing the issue in this way. Let’s discuss how our environment effects our mental thought processes and our lives and how yoga and meditation can help us deal with these issues.

Yoga and Meditation – Understanding and Self Awareness

Last week we discussed the Multi-Day Challenge. An exercise designed to lead to better understanding and self awareness. Without the ability to think clearly, nor an intensity of feeling and emotion, how can you hope to awaken you inner powers, and abilities. How can there be poise, alertness, how can there be an awareness and awakening. Life becomes mundane, futile, boring, and worthless. Through the practice of Yoga and Meditation you will sharpen your mind to razor like perfection.

Yoga and Meditation – Be Awake

Most of us exist in a self imposed dream state. Never awakened to the possibilities of life. Yet possibilities abound all around us and we don’t even see them. Let Yoga and Meditation guide you towards solutions to even your most challenging problems.

Yoga and Meditation – How to Prevent Stress at Work

In these difficult times, it’s getting harder and harder to cope with on the job challenges. The stress we take with us to the job, and the stress we get when we’re at the workplace from employers, managers and workers are all on the rise. We all feel it! The question is, “What are you to do about it and how can Yoga and Meditation help?”

Yoga and Meditation – Eliminating Fear

Let’s discuss the inner workings of fear. Can the mind, psyche, conscious, ever be totally and completely void of fear? Can you ever be totally void of fear?

5 Important Yoga Poses For Overcoming Unexplained Infertility

These 5 yoga poses can have significant effects on your ability to conceive and bear a healthy child because they play a major role in evoking a deep internal relaxation. The kind of relaxation which is necessary for people who suffer from unexplained infertility.

Yoga Bag and Mat Combo – Making Things Easier

If you have a yoga mat but not a bag, then you might want to consider investing one. Having a yoga bag can make it much easier for you to transport the mat, keep it safe, and transport anything else you need to take to your yoga lessons.

Yoga (A Secret Towards a Healthy Life)

Stress can be extremely detrimental to both emotional and physical health. Yoga when practiced correctly, can release stress and implement techniques to control the onset of stress.

Restorative Yoga

Restorative Yoga goes beyond remedial yoga. It is the pathway to a very deep and profound self healing. Remedial Yoga works with people who have had specific injuries and helps them rebuild the function where the injury was whilst keeping the rest of their body mobilised. Restorative Yoga is also for people who have been ill or injured and are in their recovery period – but very specifically it is for people who are highly stressed and recognise that their levels of stress are affecting their body and their health badly.

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