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What You May Not Know About Lucid Dreaming

Many may already know what lucid dreaming is all about, however there are many underlying facts that not all may be familiar with. There is more to this activity than the various sets of lucid dreaming techniques and the typical controlling of one’s dreams.

What Is Hemi Sync And How Does It Work?

Hemispheric synchronization or hemi sync for short is basically used to make music patterns which contain binaural beats. Aside from being sold in CDs there are other sites that allow people to download this type of audio as well. Experts claim that by listening to this music, the two hemispheres of your brain will be synchronized and will then create frequency-flowing response. This is the number one answer to the question “how to control your dreams?” or “how to lucid dream?” aside from that, this music is also a good option if you’re after relaxation.

Controlling Your Dreams – Things to Do While Lucid Dreaming

Meditation As A Part Of Lucid Dreaming Guide For Beginners – Up until today, many are still confused about meditation. Some say that it has a great connection with God and others anticipate that its simply concentrating in full silence. The truth is just far from those thoughts.

Lucid Dreaming

Nootropics are basically supplements also considered as smart drugs that are used to enhance the basic and common functions of a human brain. Examples of this are intelligence, motivation, memory, cognition and attention. Aside from that this drug is also effective in helping a person to experience lucidity. This should definitely be included in your how to lucid dream techniques. Sometimes this drug is also referred to as memory enhancers or cognitive enhancers.

How to Improve Overall Health Through Meditation

Meditation is generally considered to be a medium to relax one’s mind. But, have you ever thought of the huge health benefits of meditation? Truly, meditation is not only a medium of relaxing your mind, but also holds an immense healing power which no well-informed person can afford to ignore. Research shows that regular meditation prolongs one’s life.

Benefits of Morning Meditation

I often hear people say that they are extremely stressed about so many things in life. These things include work, money, children, lack of free time, etc. We live in a society in which “busyness” is looked upon as productive, but the truth of the matter is “busyness” is wearing people out. People are walking around tired, apathetic, and full of anxiety. Stress is actually becoming an epidemic.

What Is Mindfulness to Us?

“If your relationship to the present moment is not right – nothing can ever be right in the future – because when the future comes – it’s the present moment.” That is a quotation from Eckhart Tolle who was labelled as the most popular spiritual author in the US according to New York Times and an author who was able to sell millions of copies of his books in North America. What the quotation Tolle said is directly related to being mindful. It can be same as saying that if you are not mindful of what is happening now, you would never be ready for what your future has to offer you because eventually, the thing you are labeling as the “future” today would sooner be labelled as your “present”. Being mindful is really important in many aspects of your life but before that, we must define what mindfulness is first.

Brain Wave Meditation to Improve Job Performance

As we study brain wave meditation further, researchers continue to find more and more benefits of meditation. In a society where job opportunities are at a premium and unemployment levels are at all time highs, people need to do whatever it takes to get an edge over the competition. Some of you may be wondering: how can brain wave meditation improve my job performance?

How Guided Brain Wave Meditation Can Benefit Students

The research on brain wave meditation has advanced quickly over the last ten years. Research shows that the benefits are extremely vast and versatile, and these benefits are useful for anyone trying to achieve better mental health and higher self-esteem. How can brain wave meditation have any effect on students?

How Mindfulness Meditation Helps Eliminate Stress

A good meditation can help people be better. They also eliminate unwanted stress that reduces the energy released by the body.

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