200-hour hybrid yoga teacher training

Power Living’s next 200HR teacher training round will begin on September 4th. We sat down with one of our teachers, Krista Orbe, and our training and development manager, Martin Coles, to shed light on these online and hybrid programs from the perspective of both the student and the trainer.

The 200HR hybrid program is essentially a flexible online learning combination that allows students to immerse themselves and absorb content in their own time, combined with face-to-face training sessions that help bring everything to life.

Far from a dry online course, the interactivity between students and facilitators, along with an easy-to-use platform full of lectures and tutorials, the 200HR learning journey has improved in many ways by adding an online element.

Marty’s role is largely focused, as she suggests, on teacher training and development. We asked her to explain what she has observed since Power Living went on to offer many of our online educational programs.

The most striking change has come from the ability of students to access a large amount of online content, before face-to-face training begins. “The amount of information they absorb and have access to with the hybrid course is actually much more than previous face-to-face training. In many ways, these new teachers are coming out of these programs with an even richer level of knowledge. ”

Krista has recently completed the 200HR hybrid training and is now teaching in our studios! He loved the ability to pause, rewind, and review content online. Krista explains: “The teaching platform was very easy to use and easy to navigate as I went at my own pace. As a single mom, it was very helpful to be able to incorporate my learning into my schedule in such a flexible way.”

Marty agrees that this has made a noticeable difference in student confidence. He was very impressed in the first round of hybrid training. “They came in hot!” He says, “There was such a significant amount of learning that happened before the first few days in person.” For Krista, the highlight of the face-to-face component was the connection with the rest of the students through the teaching of the practice and the training reception of the facilitators: “Coaching was absolute gold: they gave me comments tools that I was able to use immediately during our many opportunities to practice teaching. ”

Marty admits that the most powerful part of face-to-face days is the opportunity for students to practice teaching and bring to life everything they have learned. The opportunity to start working on this skill in a supportive environment can lead to more and more questions that enrich the whole learning experience.

The Hybrid program offers the best of face-to-face and online training over a structured 12-week period. However, if the 100% online program is best suited to a student, there are still many opportunities for face-to-face coaching along the way. All graduates have access to in-person continuing education.

The goal of these programs is to develop competent teachers who are ready to teach and share this beautiful practice! The 200-hour learning journey is designed so that by completing any of the programs, you can guide someone safely and effectively through a thorough yoga experience.

The most important thing about Krista has been the joy of teaching! “I love teaching yoga! It’s so rewarding to be able to share this practice with others and spread love.”

Marty concludes, “We are seeing outstanding teachers coming out of both programs, ready to teach. This is proving to us that the realization of our online training programs has been successful and valuable.”

If you’re ready to dive in and share your love of yoga, you can sign up for any of the programs here.

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