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Raja Yoga Offers Mental Health

If you find you cannot keep your mind still – if you are anxious and fearful, restless and confused, or if you have unwelcome thoughts, your concentration is poor and faculties not as sharp as before. Or if you are suffering strain and fatigue or depression you will certainly find that Raja Yoga will help you greatly and bring back to life your vital thoughts and ideas that motivate your life and its expression towards health and happiness.

Yoga at the Dining Table?

After reading the title of this article, many must be thinking, ‘How is it possible to do yoga at the dining table? That is not very appropriate. How is it possible to have your yoga mat and do yoga exercises when you are meant to be eating your meal?’

The Tao of Doga – Learning Yoga With Your Dog

Doga (rhymes with yoga) is a new type of partnered yoga practice that is done with a special type of friend — your dog. What! That critter of the furry paws and questionable breath, a yoga partner?

The Joy of Japa (Mantra Meditation)

Typically, we attend a yoga class and squeeze and twist our bodies into various asanas to help release toxins, develop flexibility and become strong physically. This is sufficient for many people to maintain health and vitality, but for the seeker, this just doesn’t quite cut it.

All a Load of Yoga Mats

Discusses the many types of yoga mat available to the rapidly growing and increasingly diverse yoga community. Whether looking for the ultimate travel yoga mat or the ultimate in eco-friendly yoga mat statement.

Reasons For Doing Daily Yoga Sessions

Yoga has been around since ancient times when people would use it to relax and create good karma around themselves. When most of us think of the practice we often imagine people who contort their bodies into all sorts of positions that the normal human should not even attempt. The truth is that the ancient art is so much more than that.

An Explanation to the Different Yoga Poses

There are many advantages to taking part in Yoga, but unlike other exercises there are many different yoga poses to be learned which is why I have decided to tell you about some of the main ones so that you can learn this age old art of stretching to give yourself a better body, relaxation and improve your inner strength. As with most things you wish to learn, it is best to start off with the basics and work up to the more complex poses with time once you have mastered the easier ones.

Optimum Health and Stress Reduction Through Yoga

Yoga helps people to achieve harmony and synchronization of the body and the mind. Often we find we cannot perform our activities in a satisfactory manner because of conflicts in our mind weighing us down. Stress is number one factor in affecting physical body, endocrine and emotional system, and with the help of yoga these things can be corrected.

Yoga – Beneficial Practice For Expecting Mother

Yoga is important for improving strength, balance, flexibility, and the connection of body and soul. This practice is also beneficial for expecting mother to do.

5 Exercises That Will Get You Fit

Rather doing exercise I do prefer yoga practice for my fitness and healthy life style. While I started gaining my weight without control and ended up with a belly fat, I decided to reduce it within a month. I make my mind clear and ready for the fitness secret with simple 5 yoga practices.

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