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OM 101: An Intro to Meditation

“The soul always knows what to do to heal itself. The challenge is to silence the mind.” –Caroline Myss. How often are you not analyzing, judging or worrying about something?

7 Tips To Meditating In Higher States Of Consciousness

To access high states of consciousness, your environment plays a key factor. Creating a space conducive to meditation is vital to help you stay focused and enhance your state of consciousness.

Guidelines for Busy Women on Living Meditatively

It is hard combining the rigors of catering for a home with work schedules. The product of maintaining such diverse responsibilities is the unavailability of time within which to meditate. Despite the intricacies of maintaining a rigorous and hectic lifestyle, there are practical ways to start living meditatively right now.

5 Easy Meditation Exercises For People With Work Stress

Meditation has been around for thousands of years, used in different forms and formats across time and space to help us restore a balance between mind, body and spirit. A potent tool for inner and outer well-being, meditation helps eliminate stress, anxiety and all the chinks that make our life and day unbearable, helping us retrace our steps back to harmony and wholeness.

Meditate Your Way to Success: 4 Ways in Which Meditation Increases Productivity

Meditation is an excellent tool to boost brain health, and healthy brain equals better performance. Find out how meditation can both directly and secondarily help you become successful in work and life.

Chakra Meditation Can Help You When You Feel Blocked

Chakra meditation is a great way to enhance your spiritual wellness and well being. By doing chakra meditation, you change your energy. When you change your energy, you not only feel better, but it may also help you to move ahead on your path more easily. That’s why chakra meditation can be great for when you feel blocked in some way. Learn about the function of each chakra, why your chakras get blocked up, and how chakra meditation works.

Meditation Do’s and Don’ts

Did you know that our habitual patterns in the brain make us do the same thing over and over again? You may actually notice that in many organizations, the same work or idea keeps recirculating and people stop having fresh ideas. A regular practice of meditation for busy professionals can mean focusing on important priorities and less stress while working. Less stress means your brain can refresh itself during sleep.

5 Irritating Sayings About Meditation

It’s been happening forever, is still happening now and will continue to happen… misinformation, poor education or training, ignorance or even just plain old-fashioned spite means meditation, along with certain foods, beverages and a whole load of other general health-benefitting practices, hasn’t escaped the results of being often misrepresented or lambasted by the well-intentioned as well as the plain misguided… … ho-hum, the beautiful and gentle practice of health-sustaining and mind-strengthening meditation is just another victim of our ever-changing and pretty much over-opinionated society..! Cutting To The Chase:

Create Your Own Rules of Meditation

Today, we are beset on all sides with disruption. Technology and media combine to make a vast, faceless machine of distraction. Thirty second television commercials have been replaced with fifteen second ads in the “attention economy” where advertisers grasp for every scrap of our fleeting time.

Fasting and Prayer

“Through prayer, fasting, and studying, God will answer.” Fasting is commonly an act of willing control or reduction of certain or all food, drink, or both, for a period of time. People seem to observe fasting for a variety of reasons such as religious, general, physical, hygienic, some specific worldly gains, and so on.

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