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How Do You Meditate and Clear Your Mind?

Meditation and clearing your mind seem to go together but it’s often thought that you need to clear your mind in order to be able to meditate. Whilst that is a good state to be in and can make for some fantastic meditation sessions, it’s not a pre-requisite. In fact, it’s often the case that meditating encourages the process of clearing your mind and that state is only achieved part way through the process.

Get Grounded and Heal Your Soul With Your Own Personal Space!

The most challenging thing about all of this is to take the time for you that we all deserve. Even if for just ten minutes a day you sit quietly in your own calming space, you will begin to heal yourself from the craziness of the day. We sometimes forget what’s most important in this world and we take things for granted every day. Create a space where you can take the time to remember the importance of your mind, body, and spirit health. Everything else will follow once you take care of you and you’ll forever be grateful you did.

3 Simple Meditation Techniques for Beginners

Meditation is one of the things that’s often mentioned as a way to help you relax and generally unwind. The trouble is, there are just so many different ways of meditating – and some of them can be quite complex – that it’s not unheard of for people to stress about which type of meditation to use. Which kind of defeats the object!

Change Your Life With a Meditation Retreat

When hearing the term ‘meditation’ most of us think as if we should sit all alone on a mountain or in a place that is away from our friends and family members and enter into a mental state, where utmost relaxation can be enjoyed. But, the truth is somewhat different these days.

Meditation for Healing – Fighting Cancer, Combating Pain, or Increase Energy

What really is meditation? It’s not an act of doing; it’s a state of awareness. Meditations’ one goal is to slow down, and eventually completely stop activity in our minds so that we can be at one with our inner self. This is a state of profound deep peace when the mind is calm and silent.

The Many Benefits of Meditation

In American society, we have adapted to doing everything as quickly and efficiently as possible. We spend hours upon hours a day working nonstop, while never giving our minds and bodies a chance to rest and catch up. This combination of stress and pressure can slowly take a toll on our well-being to the point that we find ourselves sick and unable to function. Learning how to meditate can help to alleviate some of the problems that we currently face on a daily basis.

Can’t Clear Your Mind Sitting Still? Maybe You Should Get Up and Dance!

Quietly meditating can do a lot to boost your mood and clear your mind. But if you are just sitting and fretting, listening to the clock tick, wondering if your time is up yet, then maybe it’s time to shift gears. Maybe it is time to get up and dance your thoughts away.

How To Get A Lucid Dream – How Reality Checks Can Induce Lucidity

If you want to know how to get a lucid dream then something that is going to help you a lot is using reality checks to induce lucidity. These are just basic checks that you can go through that can let you know whether you are dreaming or not. There are many reality checks that you can use but they all have the same purpose at the end of the day.

Lucid Dreaming Methods – The Power Of Learning Dream Signs

One of the easiest lucid dreaming methods is being able to know your dream signs when they pop up whilst you are dreaming. At first it’s going to be tough to tell them apart from just any aspect of your dream but there are methods that can help you learn your dream signs and go onto increasing your lucidity in your dream.

Lucid Dream Induction – Remembering Your Dreams

One of the things that help you with lucid dream induction is being able to remember your own dreams. This helps build up recollection which is important for various methods that you can use to induce yourself into one of these dream like states. The problem is when some of us wake up, after a few minutes we can’t even remember what was dreamt about which is going to cause problems for recollection but there are ways that you can actually improve this though.

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