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Beginner’s Guide to Bikram Yoga (Or Hot Yoga) – What to Expect During Your 1st Class

This guide is for people interested in trying Bikram yoga and offers some basic advice and tips for beginners. Come check out what hot yoga is all about and what to expect at your first class!

Handstands – Pulling Up From a Forward Bend

Pulling up to a Handstand can be easier that jumping up to a handstand because we can use our hands to feel our center and keep it over our hands from the get go. In this article we look at pulling up into a handstand and the key elements involved in doing so. While it does help to have some flexibility, you may find that you can still lift up if you have some shoulder strength and ab control. Perhaps the most important thing is being able to use your hands to feel where your center is so that you can stay balanced.

Handstands – Jumping Up From Downward Dog

This article looks at the key elements of jumping up to handstand from downwards facing dog. This can be a challenging, since while we are jumping it is a bit more difficult to control our body. This article looks at the elements that we need to focus on to make doing this movement as easy as possible.

Relax Yourself by Taking Yoga

Think about how much better you feel after you have taken a deep breath during a busy day and calmed yourself down for just a moment. That feeling of relief can be wonderful for reducing stress during the day and for getting that moment to simply regroup and focus on what is important to you. Yoga can be the method you can use to achieve this feeling of deep relaxation each day to calm you down and have a more productive day to follow.

Information About Yoga

Yoga, a word that had budded from the Sanskrit word, “Yuj” meaning to join, is an ancient form of meditation-like practices that unites oneself with the universal spirit. Believed to be born in India over 26,000 years ago, individuals have since been partaking in this beneficial mental and physical exercise. There are currently over 11 million people who practice yoga today.

How to Choose a Hatha Yoga Teacher Training Program

With so many choices for hatha yoga teaching courses, it can be difficult to decide upon a yoga certification program for enrollment. This article gives tips and advice to help prospective hatha yoga teachers choose a yoga school for their teacher training.

Have You Been to the Edmonton Yoga Loft?

The Edmonton Yoga Loft is one of the most popular yoga studios in Edmonton. I have a full review on why I think it deserves the high ranking that it has received. Find out more.

The Yoga System

Hindu Culture has given to the world the practice of yoga which works to balance and create harmony with body control and mind control thereby seeks to take the practitioner to a higher consciousness. The system has been practiced in India for centuries together and times immemorial. The yoga system consists of breathing exercises that stills the mind and improves mind control, besides the asanas or exercises for the body parts coupled with meditation.

Yoga For a Pregnant Woman

We cannot overemphasize the delicate condition that most women experience during pregnancy. In fact, as a pregnant woman, you are encouraged to seek prenatal and postnatal care to make this difficult stage in your life more bearable. Health care providers encourage you to perform regular exercises that are suitable to your condition.

Popular Yoga Schools

Yoga is one of the oldest traditional practices of Hindu Culture. The system aims at uniting body and soul with the maker our God. The discipline consists of rituals and exercises with body postures that aim to balance the body and the mind.

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