10 Minute Morning Yoga For Beginners

Prenatal Yoga – Top 7 Benefits For Pregnant Women

A lot of women are looking for ways to stay fit and healthy during their pregnancies. It’s crucial to stay in good health throughout your pregnancy, and yoga is a great way to stay in shape. Aside from promoting strength and flexibility, prenatal yoga has a number of other important health benefits.

Yoga Meditation – Whole Body Scan to Balance Your Energy

Are you new to yoga? Your entire yoga practice is a meditation. As you perform your yoga poses, you focus strictly on what’s happening with your body and what you’re trying to do. You move out of everyday consciousness into real concentration which is the basis of meditation.

Living Simply in Complex Times Can it Make You Happy?

A yoga life is meant to be to a simple life, free from attachments and with a mind that can transcend the 5 senses to experience living from the 6th sense of intuition. But yoga in our life, in the mainstream, can be quite complicated.

Yoga – Creating a Comfortable Practice

The Yoga experience is unique to each individual. Yoga is becoming more and more popular here in the western hemisphere and rightfully so. When yoga is done correctly with centering, breath work, asana, and final relaxation otherwise known and Sivasana, we learn to relax and let go of stress as well as tone and stretch our muscles, loosen and make space in our joints, and create a more healthy body and mind. Here are some ideas that may help you to minimize the distractions of the body and mind so that you may enjoy a deeper, more satisfying yoga practice.

Krounchasana (Heron)

In Sanskrit Krouncha means Heron. It also means mountain. In the Heron Pose or the Krounchasana one is seated with one leg bent back with the foot placed next to the hip joint. The foot of the other extended straight leg is grasped with both hands; one lifts the leg straight up moving the foot towards the ceiling and the leg towards the torso. Since the raised leg looks like a long neck of a heron, thus this pose is named so.

Why a Beginner Should Take Up a Yoga Class

What is Yoga and what is in yoga for you? Learn more about this ancient way of peace.

Infertility Yoga

Infertility yoga can be a significant way of fighting infertility problem. It works both on relaxing your mind and body as well as on enhancing the reproductive capability. Yoga is an ancient method practiced for physical and mental well being and can be a powerful way of commiserating infertility and sexual problems.

Hot Yoga Mat

Every year, more and more folks are giving Yoga a try, as part of their search for a healthier lifestyle. Novices can rent the only piece of equipment that’s essential. But once you’re fully committed, or if you’re going to begin at home, you’ll either want or need to buy yourself a mat.

The Various Types and Techniques of Yoga

Almost all individuals in the modern-day world face an immense amount of stress, both physical and mental, in their daily lives. In this scenario, the search for an easy, relaxing yet beneficial way to gain relief from one’s tensions is growing rapidly.

How to Get Started With Yoga

The word “yoga” is derived from the Sanskrit word for “unite” as it is a series of exercises designed to united body and mind and thereby achieve a state of happiness and peace. At its purest it denotes a way of life involving strict self-discipline, and is often associated alternative lifestyles including vegetarianism, but benefits can be felt by anyone who follows the exercises that are designed to calm both body and mind.

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