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Yogic Principles of Unity

Depending on where you live, Yoga classes can be filled with students of different ethnic origins, religions, social status, age, and gender. As humans, we tend to differentiate ourselves from others by our self image. Depending on how we our programmed, we readily accept others at face value or we reserve the right to make a judgment later.

A Yoga Lifestyle is Founded on Principles

You read so much wonderful information about adopting a Yogic lifestyle. Over the past ten years, the news media and the medical community have both stepped forward with great praise for the benefits of adopting Yoga as a lifestyle.

Yoga, the Ultimate Mind-Body Experience

Most newcomers to the practice of yoga are surprised at how little they knew about their own bodies and minds all these years and how little they can control either. For the first time, they become acutely conscious of the power that the mind has over the body and vice versa. There is a dynamic interdependence between the body and mind and this becomes crystal clear when practicing yoga correctly.

Healing Power of Yoga

Yoga is a great helper for the healthy body and mind but it is also a great benefit for those bodies and minds that need healing. Here is how yoga can heal your body and your mind.

Muscle Strengthening and Toning With Yoga

Yoga is an art form which strengthens the muscles. It also tones the muscles and allows for greater flexibility in movement. Yoga allows the practitioner to better appreciate the condition of the body and lives a healthier lifestyle from muscles strengthening and toning.

Weight Loss As a Side Effect of Pleasurable Yoga Practice

Alongside feeling great and having fun, weight loss where necessary comes naturally to students through consistent yoga practice. This is triggered by stimulation of specific body organs and glands directly involved in weight loss / regulation processes through postures, by producing optimal adjustments in your metabolism, by regulating your intestinal transit and by building up your muscle tone making it easier to rid off excess fat from firmer areas.

Nude Yoga – Naked Yoga For Men and Women

Nude yoga is a popular style of yoga for everyone wanting more of a free and relaxed experience. This article may just inspire you to take it all off.

Hot Yoga Forms – Get More Than Hot and Sweaty From Yoga

Why would anyone want to do hot yoga? This article gives tips for experiencing a popular style of performing yoga poses.

Yoga Unlocks Beauty – You Hold the Key

What qualities do you long to perceive in yourself? Do you feel that you can only change ‘that’ much of you? If this is so, you are not yet familiar with the fundamental truth of Yoga: “The body is the temple of the spirit, conceived in the image of its maker”.

Stress Busting Yoga

Modern life and stress are synonymous and rather than trying to avoid stress, we should learn how to adapt to it in a healthy way. Yoga helps us to handle stress on many levels.

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