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Yoga For Beginners: A Guide To Introductory Poses

When beginning the practice of yoga, people are introduced to a variety of poses. Learn the names and forms of some poses that you are likely to perform as a beginning yoga student.

Chair Yoga Classes for Senior Health

Teaching Yoga to seniors is now more popular than ever. Seniors often show dedication toward activities that improve the quality of their lives. For many people, growing older means focusing more on good health, which most people take for granted. This is especially true of physical and mental health. Many seniors have faced the realization that special steps must be taken to promote and maintain high levels of physical and mental health. One of the safest and most approachable ways of improving the quality of life is through participation in a chair Yoga class.

Tips About Yoga for Beginners

If you are a Yoga teacher or an experienced practitioner, the following tips may be of use to your students or friends. By now, almost everyone has probably heard about the benefits of Yoga. Everyone probably knows someone, a friend of a friend, or a relative, who practices Yoga and raves about it. Perhaps they have even thought about trying it themselves, but dismissed it.

Bikram Yoga And Your Health

Bikram yoga, often called hot yoga, involves doing yoga poses in a sauna environment. Classrooms are generally heated from about 95 to 102 degrees and with a relatively high humidity. In more classical Bikram classes a series of 26 postures is done and then repeated so that a total of 52 postures are done in a single class.

Yoga for You

Teaching Yoga is a very special time, but all of us need time for solo practice or to sit in the back of the class as a student for a change. Many of us get so caught up in the routines and activities of daily life that we forget about our selves. Not only does it feel good to take some time for yourself every now and again, but it is also an important part of personal wellness.

Is Yoga for PTSD Effective?

According to a 2011 meta-analysis of the research on Yoga and psychiatric disorders entitled “Effectiveness of Yoga Therapy as a Complementary Treatment for Major Psychiatric Disorders: A Meta-Analysis,” Yoga has been found to be both a cost-effective and an extremely useful co-treatment for major psychiatric disorders like PTSD. Traditional treatment of these disorders typically includes pharmaceuticals combined with individual or group therapy. When these treatments do not work or have side effects that lower quality of life, Yoga has been found as an effective way to fill the treatment gap or to speed up the healing process.

Hatha Yoga for Physical Health

While Hatha Yoga addresses much more than our physical health, let’s take a look at the primary physical benefits of our practice. Yoga is a complete mind and body experience. It has the potential to calm the mind and release anxieties, while simultaneously strengthening the body. Regular Yoga practice is a positive step toward overall good health. Many people practice Yoga as a form of therapy for a number of ailments, ranging from sore backs to diseases. Others practice Yoga just to maintain the state of feeling healthy and well. When you open yourself up to the benefits Yoga provides, you feel amazing results.

Why Kids Yoga Stories Are Popular

Yoga classes are being offered on a regular basis to children and young adults, especially since studies have linked Yoga practice for children to fewer behavioral problems and greater academic achievement in school. However, kid’s classes need adaptations in order for children to derive the same benefits that adults do from Yoga.

What Yoga Means to Me

Yoga is a discipline which is designed to improve a person’s balance and breathing techniques. It is a Hindu discipline which also involves meditation and good posture. It is very beneficial for people who suffer from Asthma as it teaches them to breathe deeply and in a controlled manner rather than in a ragged and uncontrolled way which all asthmatics do when having an attack. The breathing techniques used in yoga have been shown to increase the lung capacity which is very good for asthmatics and in fact every person who frequently participates in the art.

Learn to Do Splits: A 30 Day Yoga Schedule

If your goal is to do the splits, yoga is the perfect workout. Yoga can improve flexibility, strength and blood circulation. In 30 days, a daily stretch routine will increase flexibility and allow any Yoga practitioner to do splits with ease.

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